Using smart lighting to help maintain a healthy sleep schedule


I recently implemented a smart lighting system in my apartment in order to help maintain a consistent and healthy sleep schedule. From what I’ve read, light has a significant impact on our bodies’ circadian rhythms. Exposure to light (especially blue light) suppresses the release of the sleep hormone melatonin, and consequently, keeps you awake. Here is an excerpt from […]

Implementing a Productive Habit


Have you ever had a long-standing intention of getting good at something, of putting the required hours in to practicing and getting better at it, only to find that you never end up putting the hours in, and never make any headway with it? Months pass by, years pass by, and that perfectly admirable intention […]

Firefly Jar Minecraft Server


For this project, I wanted to set up my own Minecraft server that would stay on continuously, and wanted to have some way of visually displaying activity on the server. To achieve this, I used a Raspberry Pi (an affordable, credit card-sized computer) to run the server on, and created a “firefly” jar out of […]